Program Features

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Years / Categories / Classes

Each parish has the option of adding years that their students are going to be confirmed. Each year has a list of categories and each category has a list of classes that students can attend. The years and categories can be added/edited from the admin home page. The classes can be added from within a specific year on the General Info page after a category is selected from the menu.

Tally List (Home)

The general tally list page (home page) for each year allows admins to see all students progress in each category, completed and required numbers.
Under the specific student page an admin can see that specific student's tally list chart. From there one can change the number of requried classes or the number of completed classes for each category for the selected student.


Attendance is fairly straight forward. An admin can choose what category and class they want to take attendance for. Then the system displays a list of all students for the specific year selected and then the admin can check off what students attended that specific class.
This info is automatically updated on the tally list page.

Student Database

The general info page under Class List of each year displays all of the personal info saved for each student. From here one can edit that info, make a student active or not, change each student's paid/registered status, reset a student's password, and delete that student. All of this info can be copied, exported to excel, or pdf. There are also options to reset all paid/regiesterd fields to no.


Under Class List of each year aside from the general info page, the list of categories is in the menu. Admins have the option of adding / editing / deleting classes in the clicked on category from here. If the class name or date is clicked on from this page it displays a list of students and whether they attended the clicked on class.

View Info for Specific Student

The View Student page allows admins to type in a students name to search. Once a student is selected, one see's the tally list page. If the complete or the need number is clicked on for any category it can be changed. There is always an option to go back to the default numbers.
The general page is the same as the general info page but just for this specific student vs every student.
The notes page allows admins to type specific notes that are displayed on the student's page when they log in.
The log page allows admins to view the date and time of when that student logged into the system. The rest of the links in the menu are the names of the categories. From here admins can view/change the specific classes that that student attended.


Notes can be accessed from the admin home page or within a specific year from the view student page after a student is selected. All notes are displayed on the student page when they log in. From the admin page general notes and year specific notes can be added. General notes are displayed on every student's page and specific year notes are displayed only on students in that specific year. Specific student notes are only displayed on specific student's pages.

Student Log

The student log allows admins to view the date and time of when a specific student logged into the system. The log can be accessed from the Class List -> general info page by clicking on the number in the Log column or by clicking on the Log link from View Student after choosing a specific student.

Student View

The student view is accessed by a student logging in using the provided username and the provided password. If it is the student's first time logging in, they are required to change their password before they do anything else. If the student has already logged in, the home page displays their tally list table and the notes below it. The rest of the menu has the list of categories, when clicked it displays a table of classes and whether they attended them or not.

Support System

The support system allows students, admins, or anyone accessing the website to submit a support ticket to report problems. This allows problems to be documented accurately so that if they ever happen again there is some direction to fixing it.